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World of Music Theme Park Az

Please be patient with our website we are still under construction here as well!

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Gold MIne Experience

We are open daily from 10 am to 4pm for Mine tours,Gold panning,store,Restrooms,  refreshments,snacks,Historic sites and hiking.Come tour our next phases! The Unida Ghost town! 


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Gold Mine Experience free tours See whats coming during final stages and  finishing details 

Gold Mine Experience Open 10 to 4 January 2023

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34100 S Constellation Rd. Wickenburg, AZ 85390

World of Music Theme Park


A theme park in Arizona?  The answer is yes!  A group of creative minds has recently come together in an exemplary effort to bring a new theme park to the Valley of the Sun.  


The World of Music (also known as WOM) is on a mission to re-imagine the next generation of theme parks.  Starting with a foundation built on music and modern technology, the park will feature a variety of artificial intelligence, animal animatronics, virtual reality and robotics to create a real-world experience that will become standard for future theme parks.


The World of Music developers anticipate that a 187 acre plot of land in the northwest valley will soon transform into a thriving entertainment district. Complete with a theme park, exciting rides, water features, new dining facilities, along with a state-of-the-art music scene and more elaborate attractions.


  “Construction has begun on roads and infrastructure. We have built the first phase called Gold Mine Experience, We have a store with refreshments and souvenirs and all important modern restrooms for handicap, three women's stalls and three mens as well. restrooms , we have two pavilions one with performance stage we have the pond and water wheel for power generation  already here, We have built the facility to handle gold panning and sluicing, as well as tours through our 100 year old real gold mines, we have RV parking and camping, we’ll be ready for a soft opening in March, 2023, if everything goes according to plan,”


The World of Music will be based on many themes, places, events and time periods. This new venture promises to be an immersive and interactive experience, unlike anything that exists today. The park will consist of 12 unique themed areas. The first area will be BIG IRON western town and Fort Boone, a replica fort and vendor show site.  As we grow for example, if you want Country Music, this area will look like downtown Nashville in every detail.  If you’re more into Jazz and Blues, the Blues Orleans area will have a remarkable resemblance to the French Quarter. Salsa Music will echo through replicated Mayan ruins. Maximum Metal will thrill youngsters with exciting robotics.  Euro Music will ring through simulated castles and surrounding architecture, and so on. There will be something for everyone of all ages!


A major part of what sets World of Music apart from existing theme parks is its focus on visual and emotional immersion in each theme, along with the new rides, such as “Alien Adventure”, “War of Atlantis”, “Emergency”, “History of Music” (to name a few) and several other thrill rides that are expected in today’s parks.


The park developers are from Arizona and understand our climate.  “We will be developed with advanced, innovative green climate control,” “Here in the southwest, the days are warm and nights are perfect. Every area has an underground shopping and music experience, in case it is a HOT day or even a cold winter day, and at an elevation of 3600 ft we naturally are 10 degrees colder than Phoenix metro areas". We will incorporate strategic shaded areas, incorporating misters and our own ‘world weather control system’, using natural and artificial shade and controlled breezes.  When you’re in a ‘world’ enjoying music and food, you will be in a conditioned atmosphere.  This will help families enjoy the music and visual atmosphere of each ‘world’.  Our extensive use of light shows, along with the perfect evening climate of Wickenburg and Phoenix metro area, will make your visit an enjoyable memory worth repeating.”




Developers and officials own 187 acres 10 miles east of Hwy 60 before the town of Wickenburg. The cost of the theme park, amphitheater, water features and rides will be supported by World of Music Inc. and private investors. The cost will be approximately $289 million.  Additional developments, which include restaurant, hotel and condo areas will add $195 million to the basic plan overall cost around 1Billion completed a five-year plan. Developers predict first year attendance to be around 40,000 and to eventually reach about 1 million visitors per year after several years estimated 5 years, with an estimated economic benefit of over $50 million per year.


“The park is designed to focus on the residents of Arizona,” said Stevens.  “Presently, there are no large-scale theme park in this state and we feel there is a void in this area.”  


The idea is larger than just an ordinary theme park and conceives of an entertainment tourism destination.  The developers have been working on this concept for over 10 years. Persons involved in the project have worked on major theme parks in the past and have worked in the music industry for over 30 years. They will help manage the park.


The World of Music theme will have its roots in music history with educational exhibits. This includes new interactive music technology and “live streaming” of all stages worldwide, which will offer fantastic exposure for new acts as well as established artists.


“It’s a Disney, Universal caliber, but not a Six Flags style park,” explains Stevens. “We’ll have more than just rides. We will have a variety of live music on several large theme-immersed stages and overall around 50 music stages in all areas above and underground all with dance, comedy, DJs, stunt shows, as well as thrilling rides, fabulous food and other attractions.”


To help get this dream off the ground, World of Music has secured private investors for the initial phase. We are looking for potential investors for long term investment and a crowd-funding campaign was recently launched at to sell bricks with the consumer’s name or company name on them for $50 each. The bricks will be placed on sidewalks throughout the park. A map of each location will be made available.


“By doing this, we feel it will give the community a sense of pride in being a part of this wonderful new theme park,”.  “We envision this additional community support will be the start of bringing World of Music to life.”


In the long run, Arizona’s World of Music could eventually help promote peace and harmony around the world through its multi-faceted sounds of music.

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